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Jonathan Menlo has an extensive background in real estate management. With over ten years as a regional director for Century Quality Management, Jonathan oversaw the day to day field and administrative operations of over 2,000 units. He is well known at “CQM” for increasing rental income and property value for the company’s portfolio by conducting market surveys and analyzing real estate data. Using that information, Jonathan instituted a massive rehab project for thousands of units. He continues to perform a wide range of managerial duties both on the field and in office for the Menlo family real estate empire comprised of 5,000+ rental units, 2,000 nursing home beds and numerous office and retail properties. Extensive experience in management, construction and finance play a key role in the oversight of the vast portfolio owned by his grandfather Sam Menlo.

Meir Seboni has 10+ years of experience in the construction industry, both residential and commercial. With zero complaints or citations on any of his CSLB licenses, his name of stellar honesty and perfection date back to his years at the military. Enlisting with the Israeli Defense Forces at 18 years old, he moved up ranks quickly. In a matter of no time, Siboni was recruited to the super-elite unit “Sayeret Matkal” commonly equated with US Navy SEALS. Retiring at the rank of captain, Siboni journeyed on to the business world. Earning his CSLB license in 2005, Siboni capitalized on the booming Los Angeles home construction market. Hit hard by the crisis of 2008 Siboni pushed through. Record breaking sales on new construction developments and a name equated with perfectionism on the job-site, Siboni has the skills and record that speak for itself. He holds a degree in economics and communications from Tel Aviv University.

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Jonathan Menlo, CEO

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